About US

Modern International is always focused on our customers and quality service, we aim to be your ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ in the lubricants industry, offering a variety of products and integrated services to meet all the base oil and specialty blending needs of our clients.

We offer an extensive product portfolio of Group I, II and III base oils, pale oils, advanced additives and finished lubricants, Fuel & Gas Oil as we manage supply chains accumulating products from top refineries in more than 15 countries.
We address blenders and distributors world-wide with our special customized Service, offering them the opportunity to order semi-finished product mixtures of base oils and additives in any desired composition and in any required volume to be delivered directly to their plant or storage facility.

We also offer Specialty Oils and Process Oils from our manufacturing facilities in UAE. Based on our inherent strengths in sourcing of quality base oils and economies of scale, we offer best in class products to various end users using the range of specialty & process oils such as White Mineral Oils – Pharmaceutical Grade and Industrial Grade, Petroleum Jellies and Process Oils.

We continuously work to extend our products portfolio and further develop our logistics and storage infrastructure supporting our customers in their development and growth.