Our toll blending facilities can deal with any volume, from the largest to the smallest, including “less than truck load” batches, frequently required by blenders dealing with customised lubricants or developing new products.

Our capability to handle small volumes gives our customers more freedom and more opportunities in developing and expanding with new products, keeping their business at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our Products

We deliver superior quality products, our grease products are processed using only quality ingredients, with guaranteed high viscosity, resistant to oxidation and conforms to international quality standards at cost effective prices.

Industrial Grease
• Calcium Grease No. 2 & 3
• EP Grease
• Graphite Grease
• Moly Grease
• Hi-Temp Grease

Automotive Grease
• Chassis Grease
• Lithium Grease MP No. 2 & 3
• Transparent Grease MP No. 2 & 3
• Lithium Complex Grease EP-1, EP-2 and EP-3
• Cup Grease No. 2 & 3